Once in the online store you can start your purchase by adding items to the cart. By clicking on 'Buy' the items are added to the 'Cart' on the side of the screen.

img lateral carro 

To make your purchase click on 'Show Cart', here you can create your account or log in as a customer if you already have one. Follow these steps:



Create your account in a moment by clicking on 'Register and Buy', and filling out the form.


edit info cliente


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  Here you can modify your selection of articles, deleting them or adding them to your taste.


elegir metodo


Choose your shipping method, standard or express. National, International (Europe) or International (Rest of countries) will be automatically loaded according to the selection of the shipping country.


elegir pago



Then choose your payment method. You can pay by card, by bank transfer, with a Paypal account or against a refund. * Paypal (Includes secure gateway for payment with card or bank transfer) * Cash on delivery (+ 2 € service)

(Mensaje mostrado de redirección a página de Paypal)

redirige paypal

(Example of Paypal official page display for secure payments in Opalo)

pag paypal                                                                                                    


Finally click on accept terms of the service, click on 'Buy Now', and on 'Confirm Purchase'.


comprar ahora


confirmar compra

Your purchase will be made! You will receive a confirmation email. For any doubt about the process of purchase in oopalo.com please do not hesitate to contact us here.