With the union of concepts such as craftsmanship, design and quality at a good price, the Opalo brand starts. A young and innovative company, formed by a team with experience in the sector, dedicated with enthusiasm to the creation of a special, original and attractive handicraft sale. With its own production process, we combine traditional and modern techniques, in which skilled handcrafts give shape to a variety of models and collections, where you can always find something special for each occasion.

The Opalo logo reflects the idea that united hands are the force that moves the world.

A philosophy that gives value to what is done at the hands, to the union of ideas, forces, people, to a shared illusion.

Craft workshop

It is the heart of the brand. The place where ideas come true, and where with dedication and expertise each piece is created, with care and attention, to convey to our customers all the magic and charm of our bracelets, necklaces, handbags, etc.

Quality Materials

At Opalo we use top quality materials. Being the main ones: Spanish leather, nickel-free metal alloy with zamak of clasps and pieces, copper, bronze, silver, natural minerals, semiprecious stones, etc.

To guarantee the quality of our articles by different countries, innovating to create an own and recognizable style. The goal is to get the satisfaction of our customers.