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Bracelet with Labradorite mineral irregular stones. 


The perfect mineral to help us protect our environment. 


It manages to divert the disturbing forces from our aura and manages to create a protective barrier that blocks the negative energies. 


Keep negative energies away from you, reduce fear and insecurity. Calm the mind and give more concentration. 



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NewAge Properties of Labradorite 


It is a highly mystical and protective stone, diverts unwanted forces from the aura and forms a barrier against negative energies. It can take you to another world or to other lives, since it is a very esoteric stone that facilitates the initiation to the mysteries. The labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies, stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Psychologically it dispels fears and insecurities. Strengthens faith in the self and confidence in the universe. It calms the overactive mind and energizes the imagination, it also brings contemplation and introspection. Put it on the upper heart chakra or hold it or place it where appropriate. 


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