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Adjustable leather necklace with metallic element and silver bath.  

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Fish Symbolism: The richness of the symbolism of the fish is unparalleled throughout the history of meanings and emblematic; Above all, it reaches a great incidence in the Christian imagery, since it is considered like possessor of the spiritual force of the Savior. Also the fish is associated with one of the essential elements, namely to the water, which, in turn, constitutes its vital principle.  


Among the Egyptians, the fish was considered as imbued and clothed with a certain fear and mystery; In addition, it was considered a sacred animal and, in some cases and times, priests should refrain from eating fish and, at the same time, practice the ritual suitable for their worship.  

Among the Phoenicians, Assyrians and some civilizations of the Far East, the fish appears associated with fertility and procreation, due to the high number of eggs deposited in their laying.  


For astrologers, the fish is related to the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, that is, to Pisces, which is a variable sign, of an imaginative and emotive nature that has as element to the water.  


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